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Stars and Stripes - 4th of July Sale

Level up your dessert game for 4th of July BBQs with our Sunday Night Premium Dessert sauces! ✨ Enjoy 25% off your ENTIRE order from June 30th to July 4th with our Stars and Stripes sale!

Offer code: FIREWORK25

Rich, Velvety, Luxurious, Yours.

Made from the highest-quality ingredients on Earth, our Premium Dessert Sauces are pure chocolate ganache in a jar. Using a classic French technique, we make each small batch with legendary Guittard chocolate and cocoa, cane sugar, fresh cream and butter, pure Neilsen-Massey vanilla and sea salt to create chocolate euphoria.

Stars + Stripes + Savings

Happy 4th of July! Shop our Stars and Stripes sale before midnight July 4th. Enjoy 25% off your ENTIRE Sunday Night order! Use code FIREWORK25 at checkout!





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"I couldn't decide which flavor I wanted, so I decided to just send myself the gift box. Best decision ever. My favorite thing right now is to froth a dollop of the Dark + Decadent with coconut milk on the stove before adding it to my coffee"

Ashley W.
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"After trying the Sunday Night chocolate sauces, I promptly threw out our hershey and nutella stash. My toddler loves the "blue sauce" lol (what he calls the Sweet + Rich flavor). My older kids love the sea salt flavor - especially drizzled over popcorn. It's safe to say we're all hooked!"

Jessica R.