Pure chocolate ganache

The first thing you taste is the chocolate. Indulgent, velvety, fresh-brownie flavors with hints of vanilla and sea salt. Sauce this luxurious can only be made in small batches with the finest pure ingredients.

Sweet inspirations

Add more yum to your life without a mixer or a recipe! Simply grab a spoon and go. Pour, dip, or spread  our luxurious chocolate sauces over whatever you crave – ice cream, cheesecake, fruit, bacon, and more.

Commitment to quality

Our mission is to craft the finest pure ingredients in a single jar so you never have to compromise on taste and quality, even when you don’t have time.


1 sauce, 1000 ideas

Sunday Night® Hot Chocolate with Sunday Night® Sweet + Rich Chocolate Premium Dessert Sauce

Sunday Night® Hot Chocolate

Milk + Sunday Night Chocolate Sauce + Heat = Best Hot Chocolate Ever! Keep it simple or go to town with Sunday Night® Chocolate Whipped Cream. Just...

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