Rich, Velvety, Luxurious, Yours.

Our Signature Sauces

The first thing you taste is indulgent, silky chocolate because our sauces are made from the finest pure ingredients. Using a classic French technique, we craft our velvety, gourmet sauces in small batches with legendary Callebaut® chocolate and cocoa, cane sugar, fresh cream and butter, pure Nielsen-Massey® vanilla and sea salt. Every bite is pure chocolate paradise.

No preservatives, no fake flavors, no corn syrup, and nothing artificial. Sunday Night sauces are always pure, always spectacular, and always ready for any day or night.

1 sauce, 1000 ideas

Our Recipes

Make Sunday Night the heart and soul of your desserts. More than just for ice cream (although they are fabulous on ice cream!), think of our sauces as your go-to dessert maker. Find more than 50 recipes to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Sunday Night® Hot Chocolate with Sunday Night® Sweet + Rich Chocolate Premium Dessert Sauce

Sunday Night® Hot Chocolate

Milk + Sunday Night Chocolate Sauce + Heat = Best Hot Chocolate Ever! Keep it simple or go to town with Sunday Night® Chocolate Whipped Cream. Just...

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Crafted by an
award-winning baker

Sunday Night® Foods was founded by Eileen Gannon, an award-winning baker from Iowa who turned her passion into a profession when she launched the company’s first products in 2021.


Sweet inspirations

Add more yum to your life without a mixer or a recipe! Simply grab a spoon and go. Pour, dip, or spread our luxurious chocolate sauces over whatever you crave – ice cream, cheesecake, fruit, bacon, and more.


Love the depth of the Chocolate flavor, loved the way it draped the ice cream, not to hard, not to soft. Overall a great product